Logis Trans offers the following services to its clients:

  • Transport services - the company has at its disposal modern motor fleet consisting of 130 own compositions, equipped with engines EURO3 /EURO4 / EURO5, ABS, GPS, ADR (equipment and drivers with ADR licenses), permanent GSM connection with the drivers, СЕМТ permits.

    We do freightage on the following destinations:

    - From Turkey and Bulgaria to Finland and the Scandinavian countries, Russia and Western Europe (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Spain and Portugal)
    - From Finland, Russia, Western Europe to Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and other countries
    - Opportunity for loading of goods for Romania and Turkey and further loading on the relation Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Hungary
    - Itinerary depending on the transit opportunities through Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary

  • Service provision - the company has at its disposal hi-tech range of devices for repair of the vehicles. We have own technical premises with qualified staff, where the following services can be carried out:

    - Grease and filters substitution
    - Substitution of cover-plates, disk-wheels etc.
    - Tentage glueling
    - Repair of trailer floorings
    - Substitution of tyres

  • Trade and import of pasta under the trade mark of “Selva”. “Logis Trans” is the only distributor of the mark for Bulgaria.



Balchik 9 street

phone. +359 84 66 14 67